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History of the Avenir Community

The Planned Unit Development Community of Avenir in Palm Beach Gardens was proposed in 2012 and was originally known as the Vavrus Ranch property. Since 2013 when Landstar Development in Miami purchased the property in western Palm Beach County, the plans and design of the 7.4 square mile tract of land has gone through numerous changes. Originally there were going to be as many as 7,600 homes, however, changes were made to make the area aesthetically more attractive and to have more of the land set aside for conservation purposes. Now, less homes will be built and more area will be used as preserve areas, parks and conservation areas for the wetlands. Recreational areas such as hiking trails will also be set aside for the residents of the newest and largest planned community ever in South Florida.

Many meetings were held in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, regarding the Avenir Community and Avenir Town Center which is located west of the Florida Turnpike, west of the Beeline Highway and just west of Ibis Country Club on the north side of Northlake Blvd. Zoning workshops were held in 2015 and members of the City of the Palm Beach Gardens planning and zoning board met along with residents in the city council offices. This was the time that major changes took place lowering the number of homes to be built and increasing the areas for protection and conservation of the natural wetlands.

Avenir Palm Beach Gardens Homes For Sale

The new plans in 2015 reduced the community size from 7,600 homes to somewhere just over 4,000 residences comprised of homes, townhouses and villas. The Avenir Community plan calls for 1.94 million square feet of office space, 200,000 square feet of medical office space and 400,000 square feet of retail/commercial space. The developer, Landstar Development has other aspirations for the community as well; a City Hall, a beautiful Avenir Town Center, a school, parks and an addition to the city’s municipal golf course. Auxiliary fire and police stations are also planned in the Avenir Community and possibly some land set aside for horse stables for the equestrians in the vicinity. There is even the possibility of a 300 room hotel plus there is talk of luring a college or university to the development.

Avenir Breaks Ground with New Construction Homes

The Avenir project began as far back as October of 2012 when Landstar Development based in Miami Florida purchased the Vavrus Ranch from Charles Vavrus for $20.0 million. Over the past 7 years, the project has had its ups and downs in getting approvals. However, the project got the final go ahead and is currently breaking ground and will be the largest land development in the history of Palm Beach County within an existing city.

The Vavrus Ranch was once part of a deal back in 2004 that never materialized involving the Scripps Company whereas Scripps would build an office on the orange grove property known as Meccas Farms. It’s also worth noting that Avenir Development is very close to the beautiful North County Airport, (F45) where all types of private planes and helicopters are hangered. The proximity of the North County Airport could make it very convenient for owners of private aircraft to land just minutes from their home in the Avenir Community. It’s a beautiful area to live, play and enjoy the Florida lifestyle in Palm Beach County’s youngest town of Palm Beach Gardens.